Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A long, not so quick look at 2014

So remember this is making up for this whole year of no blogging so this is ridiculously long. Welcome to the Passey's year 2014
 Daniel had his 8th birthday and was baptized. I remember feeling the spirit really strongly that day, and having my own testimony strengthened.  I am so proud of him and the great responsible kid that he is.
I was really glad to see that Grandma and Grandpa Jensen were able to make it.
 Mom steals a kiss! This is after we got home from the baptism.

 My Parents and Jon's Parents were both able to come for this special day as well. We have such a wonderful family. We are so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives.

I love this one, and these two. 

 This is the computer that Daniel made for himself, and I think he's holding up his credit card.

 We had a birthday party at our house with a few friends. Ninja everything. We even made swords out of pipe insulation foam and had a pin the head band on the ninja game.
Daniel doesn't like frosting so this was pretty much the easiest cake ever. dusted with powdered sugar.
 The chickens have been busy

Daniel painting his first pinewood derby car. I couldn't find the finished picture.

 Leah's field trip to the aquarium was super fun. It's always fun to get to know the kids that my kids are friends with.

 Things are growing in the garden!

 St. Patrick's Day ! Don't forget your green!

 Jon found this in the garden. kinda cool.

 I decided to recreate the poopa duck that grandma Poulson made for us years ago. Mine is the one on the right.
 Meeting babies. Ayden and Parker

 We got chicks this year. They were so cute.

 Ayden's Blessing.

 fun and funny Easter eggs

 Leah being a bunny or maybe a cat

 She's our best chicken catcher.

 I have to have one of these picture every once in a while. My Grandparents are so special to me and I am so grateful for their example and love through out my whole life.
 Sprouts. Jon started most of our plants from seed this year. It was fun to watch them grow.
 Central School does a mini marathon at the end of the school year. This year they had chick fil-a  come and they brought their mascot. They also had the fire department come and spray the kids with bubbles after the race. I think it's such a great tradition.

 Jon building the trellises for the things that he wants to grow up.

 Daniel got to take a field trip to the aquarium as well. Here are a few of his friends Kayson and Sam

The school also has a cool art program where the kids learn about famous artists and how to do a piece of art in the style the artist used. I love this program and so do the kids.
 Playing at Trafalga, the kids loved the water guns on the raft.
 Time to harvest Garlic!
 The kids and I went to DI and bought dishes to make some birdbaths for Jon's garden for his birthday

 We also made him a brownie Torte

 Just a fun picture in Mom and Dad's back yard.

 Jon building his compost. He had someone bring a huge truckload of shredded tree to add to the chicken run and the garden paths and also the compost pile. It was way more than we expected.
 beets and salad harvesting

 I love how beautiful the garden is in this picture. Jon works so hard on it.

 We also got him a gnome to protect his garden

Daniel and Leah building cool things out of Legos

 Leah displaying one of the patty pan squash. Apparently the pilgrims had these.

 Playing in the creek in Cedar Hills with cousins

 Look a pumpkin!!

 Some old friends came to visit. These two were best buddies when they were just babies. It was really great to see Tarmy and her family again for a little bit. 

 Joe and Lauren got married and had the reception in Mom and Dad's back field. Leah helped decorate their car.

 I love this one.

 Leah and Grandpa Jacobson being silly. She gave him a kiss and he made a funny face.
 Carrots from the Garden!
 Lauren had her Bridal shower during family camp

 Jordan and Melissa brought Giant bubbles

 Leah and Daniel got to sleep in the tent trailer.

 And play with the babies on grandmas bed

 Leah had a few friends over for a birthday party.  they played out in the backyard on a slip n slide.

 Look at this heart shaped tomato!

 Jon's work took us to stadium of fire for the summer party. Leah was pretty freaked out about how close the fireworks were.

 We celebrated her birthday on the 4th of July at my parents house.  I made her a shark pinata and a shark cake because she wanted a shark party. Grandma Jacobson (my mom) got her this crazy wig.

 Big beautiful Tomatoes and a happy gardener.

 I love this mountain so much. I took this picture on the way home from Heber one day. I just love the colors. I did brighten it up just a little though.
 Leah wanted her picture taken with this flamingo 

First Day of first grade!

 The horse she didn't get for Christmas

 Look at those hanging pumpkins and squash! This was so cool that it actually works to grow them this way.

 lots and lots of tomatoes

 Leah made a witch hat

 Daniel made tower hats! these were so cool!

 beautiful happy girl

 the squash harvest

 hee haw farms slide and wagon ride for Daniel's school field trip 

 Our Jacobson Halloween party this year

 Little Cuties!!
 We went for a fall hike and Michelle took some great pictures

 The ward Halloween carnival. Leah was a cute bunny
 Carving the pumpkins that we grew.

 Dad's birthday Bowling party

 Leah going to a princess party

 we found some cool videos on how to do hair. this one is called the rib cage braid.

 the first snow and snowman of the year!

 straight hair!

 Learning a new game to get ready for thanksgiving gaming.

 Jeremy Reading to his nephew and Leah.

 A rare picture with me in it. hahaha

 Danie'ls Ginger bread boy this year. Sadly I didn't get a picture of him with Grandma
 Grandma Passey and Leah with her Gingerbread boy

Brenda and I playing with the dolls that she found at the thrift store day after thanksgiving sale
 One of the kids took this one. 

 Leah found Santa

 Jon's work Christmas party was at beaches resort. This is Jon and Daniel on the ropes course.
 Leah liked the Merry Go round best.

 an angel and Joseph at the Passey family Christmas Pageant

 Leah found Santa again at the Ward Christmas party

 We made it to temple square this year! 

 The Jacobson Family Christmas pageant. So cute! Leah was marry in this one, She was really happy that she got to hold the baby.
 Daniel was a wise man

 Jon built the kids a playhouse as his Present to them this year. It has three levels inside.